Blacklisted Online Casino - Tips

A blacklisted online casino is a web based gaming platform that has failed to adhere to the proper standards of quality, therefore, is placed on a list of must avoid casinos. These blacklisted online casino websites are blacklisted for any number of reasons which includes failure to pay players or utilize fair gaming policies, to having an out-of-date license or constant technical errors.

In order to be able to protect players from such nefarious online casino scammers, it is imperative that online gambling players are equipped to know which tricks they are likely to use. That way, players will know what to concentrate on when searching for a live online gambling website, as well as spot a red flag when they happen to run into it. Even though fraudsters are highly skilled at their craft, there are warning signs that are quite noticeable when the keen eye knows what to be on a lookout for. These warning signs may actually seem like a really generous offer or a perfect opportunity to make some money on the side. Some naive players may even be under the impression that they need to react right away, so that they do not miss it. Do not let yourself be fooled, these are all the tricks fraud online casinos use in order to scam palyers into giving out your money or personal information.

This article aims to assist you in identifying blacklisted online casinos and differentiate them from the ones that can be trusted. Fraudulent gambling sites are more widespread than ever, resulting in a lot of online gambling players being scammed out of their winnings. Before deciding to play on a particular online casino, it is best to be well informed whether that particular casino is in fact trustworthy. If you are an inexperienced player it is advisable to gather relevant information before you start gambling. This includes terms and conditions, website reports and others, which will be useful when it comes to identifying and avoiding untrustworthy casinos.

1. Is the website secure?

This is probably the foremost vital thing to be aware of, as you would not want to deposit funds into a suspicious website. To do this you can check the “https://” part of the URL. “s” stands for “secure”, so ensure the “s” is there before you register and deposit funds. Legitimate online casinos will sometimes display a lock key icon on their website address. This is how to identify whether their website has not been hacked or tampered with in any way, besides being an indication of the authenticity of the website. Every gambling website is powered by a certain gaming provider. The name of the provider will tell you a lot as the website’s reliability depends a lot on the gaming software they use. Player security should be the foremost priority, hence it is non-negotiable that all recommended trusted online casinos utilize modern and effective security software. Their customer service may also seem unresponsive, should any player need any form of assistance, it is essential that the online casino web platform’s customer support team is responsive to your query. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case.

Additionally, if an online gaming casino site expects to cultivate loyalty within its user base, its web and mobile interfaces must work. Sites with constant glitches are nuisances and hazards to players. It is also important to take note that every online gambling website will be powered by a certain gaming software provider. The name of the provider will tell players a lot because the reliability of the website really depends on the software used.

2. Too good to be true

Some of the early warning signs include what may seem like an attractive offer promo or a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money. Some may even entice you to react right away, in order to not miss out, creating a sense of urgency for players. Do not be tricked by these methods, these scams usually want you to give out your money or personal information. Although there are legitimate online casinos that offer bonuses and games with lucrative features, it is important to bear in mind that it is usually unlikely to be rewarded with such huge bonuses. Nevertheless, if an offered bonus seems to be too generous in rewards, then it probably is a fluke. Hence, it is always recommended to read the terms and conditions on any bonus offer, however, some rogue casinos entice players with downright false promotions. It is also advisable to go through comments made by previous users who have gone through the same situation, before making any deposits.

Randomness and fairness are two cornerstones of fair casino play, hence it is a very serious offence when games on an online casino platform appear rigged or impossible to win.

3. No withdrawal and payouts

All trusted online casinos will never prevent you from withdrawing your money. However, fraudulent ones will disallow you from doing so. This act is illegal, as it is within your right to decide whether you want to withdraw your money back or not. Hence, it is advisable to find as much information about a website before giving your money and personal information. Also, when players win money they should receive their payouts within a certain time period (this is always stated in the online casino banking policy). No one wants to score a win only to find that the withdrawal takes weeks to be processed, or worse, never shows up in the players bank account at all.  If the player has been waiting longer than what was regulated, the player is most likely already a victim of a scam from a blacklisted online casino.

4. Pushy promotional methods

A trusted casino will only contact you after you have provided them with your contact information. Your personal information, like your phone number and your email address, are always confidential. If you start receiving promotional material via email or phone calls from a website without your permission, you can be almost sure that the website in question is fraudulent, as they have probably gathered the information through nefarious means.

5. Adequate information and regulatory issues

Before choosing a gambling website, it is imperative to know whether that website is licensed from a credible regulatory body. All trusted websites have the proper regulatory authority’s information available on the foot of the page. If that online casino does not have the relevant information easily available, then it is probably best to avoid it. If the website has a license, then the next thing to focus your attention on is the origin of the authority that licensed and regulated the gambling website. This is due to the differences between other parts of the world in regard to legislation. A legitimate license is one of the most important assets of any trusted online casino, hence any online casino platform that is found to have a false or outdated license will be quickly blacklisted.

Information about the owner and the company that operates the website should also be readily available, which is normally found in the “About us” section, along with their phone number and company registration. If not, it will probably be in the “Terms and conditions” section. It is advisable for players to dedicate some time and attention to that since you will be trusting the website with your money and personal information. If the relevant data is not available, then it is probably a better choice to step back and reconsider using their website.

Report a fraudulent online casino

Now that you know how to identify fraudulent online casinos, it is best to report them to the relevant authorities to prevent these casinos, from continuing their nefarious practices and scamming unfortunate victims. You can report these online casinos in Onlinecasino-win forum . A well-informed gambling community gives less space for scammers to continue their illegal practices.

Tips for additional security

One can never be cautious enough. It is always best to protect yourself even further. Hence, make sure that your password is strong by using a new password for each website you register at. It is also advisable that it be a combination of numbers and letters, long enough and unique. Additionally, two steps verification will strengthen your password even further. It is always better to be safe than sorry.