Evolution Gaming - Roulette

Evolution Gaming is among the most successful casino game developers in the whole wide world, providing popular gaming titles to most of the leading online casino platforms. Unlike the majority of game developers who have established a reputation for themselves in the online casino industry, Evolution Gaming does not offer the usual line up of slot games and table games. However, they do specialise in producing live casino games, which aim to bring the real world experience into online form.

Evolution Gaming’s widely popular class of live online casino games allows players to be in the midst of the action, presenting them with a high quality video feed in real time of their favourite casino games. So rather than playing roulette through a standard casino video game, players are able to enjoy the action with a real wheel, a live dealer, and present time play, through high quality live streaming.

Evolution Gaming is responsible, in large part, for live gaming becoming as popular as it is today. From their state of the art studios, they continue to push the boundaries of technology and game quality. While they are far from the only development company working in the live casino gaming space, their focus on this area has seen them grow to be regarded as the best option for casinos looking for professional grade live gaming action.

History of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was founded in the year 2006, albeit much later than many of their rivals, such as Microgaming, Playtech Software and NetEnt. Of course, it should be reminded that live online casinos benefit from major enhancements in technology, both on the software and hardware side, not to mention broadband speed, which has changed substantially since the shift of the century. When the company emerged on to the online gambling industry, it made significant changes to the medium of live gaming, which at the time, was still considered quite primitive by comparison to the standards of today.

By the year 2007, Evolution Gaming had successfully signed up the first of its major clients, which includes none other than Party Casino, who consequently brought their innovative games to a wide new audience of various players. By the year 2009, their games have proven to be so popular that the company had to expand their studios capacity in Riga, in order to account for a 400% increase in floor space. Their production facility was enhanced to accommodate brand new state of the art technology. The company grew concurrently as well, by taking on significantly more employees in order to operate its games and back end operations.

As of today, Evolution Gaming continues to enjoy high rates of expansion, as the company continues to service millions of gamblers worldwide with live casino action. By maintaining the high standard of their gaming products, while successfully managing to keep their business’ costs low, Evolution Gaming has achieved a lot in such a short window of time to win over the hearts and minds of online casino players throughout the web based gaming industry.

Top Evolution Gaming Titles

Evolution Gaming has a very strong reputation for offering the most realistic casino gambling experience possible. While their studios are not quite the real deal, you will feel like you are gambling in a high end casino like the resorts they have in Las Vegas, with all the glitz and glamour that goes along with it. They have dealers that are well groomed and able to present to the camera professionally, while their games also have a built in chat functionality for players to be able to communicate both ways with the live dealer at the table.

Some could even make the case that their games provide a much better experience than real life gaming in an actual casino. As a result of this, there is no need to physically go into a casino, as players are able to enjoy the same realism with the identical atmosphere, with none of the down sides you might experience, especially when some new players might feel a little daunted at the prospect of visiting an actual casino for the first time. Players can have the convenience of playing anytime and anywhere in the world, even in the convenience of their own homes.

Their most popular played games are Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Dream Catcher, which is a Wheel of Fortune style spinning game, where players are able to win immediate monetary prizes in a turn of the wheel. All their games are broadcasted live in high quality high definition as well as being independently regulated and certified as fair.

Roulette has been a live online gaming favourite among players for an adequately long time, and Evolution Gaming provides a collection of different types of solutions for gambling sites. There are standard versions that include a myriad of useful and fun features, like, for example, a record of numbers that have been won previously displayed on screen for players to refer to, a chat system for players and dealers, and multiple camera experiences in their immersive roulette format, which allows players to view every inch of the action in high definition video, along with slow motion replays of the ball coming to a stop on the roulette wheel.

Moreover, the gambling options here extend far beyond regular tables. There is a double ball roulette option in which two balls are released on every spin. This gives players a chance to win even bigger payouts. Dual Play Roulette is an interesting variant that can allow online players and live players to participate together in the same games simultaneously. Meanwhile, the Slingshot Auto Roulette game allows for faster action, while it still uses a real wheel to generate results, the equipment is automated so that it can run 24 hours a day.

The live blackjack tables feature seven seats per table, but that does not actually limit the number of people who can play. Just as in many live casinos, additional players are allowed to place their wagers behind the people who are seated, wagering on the outcome of the player’s hand along with them. The tables also feature side bets (for example, Perfect Pairs and 21+3), while a Blackjack Party option allows for a much more casual atmosphere thanks to the low stakes that are spread, and presenters that focus on making sure that the entire table is having a good time.

Baccarat is often a game that suffers a bit in live dealer formats, as it is hard to recreate the atmosphere that makes this gaming experience so special in a real brick and mortar venue. However, a multi camera version of the game is spread by Evolution Gaming, which has the effect of adding extra suspense to each hand and allowing the game to feel much more like the real thing. One version even offers a “squeeze,” with the hand where bettors have put most of their money on, is slowly revealed in order to provide maximum suspense.

Beyond the “big three”, the other games also feature authentic action presented by professional and well-trained dealers. Casino Hold ’em is a table game version of the popular Texas Hold ’em, only with players competing against the dealer rather than other players at the table. Three Card Poker is the officially licensed version of the game, and includes a six-card bonus bet that offers up to payouts of 1,000 to 1. Finally, Caribbean Stud Poker, an exclusive for Evolution Gaming, and once again the fully licensed version of the game, comes with the 5+1 Bonus Bet, though it does not include the popular progressive jackpot side bet.

Why You Should Play Games from Evolution Gaming

Live casino games are very similar to ordinary online casino games, but the live streaming element does add a brand-new dynamic experience. As well as getting the satisfying experience of knowing that you are getting fair treatment, actually seeing the dealer makes the experience feel altogether more realistic. Some players might even argue that it is a little more stimulating, and that they enjoy the benefit of feeling like you are actually playing alongside other players, even though in reality they are connected from thousands of miles away.

There is little doubt that Evolution Gaming offers one of the best overall live gaming experiences you will find at any online casino site. The variety of games they have available is unmatched, especially when you consider the number of variations and region specific tables that they have rolled out in different markets. They also have the capability to provide games at a wide variety of different stakes levels, for a range of players of all types, from those who want to place the occasional casual bet to those who are high stakes gamblers that are used to playing in private suites in Las Vegas and Macau.

Evolution Gaming has pulled out all the stops to provide live casino games that are of the highest quality in their class. It is undeniable that Evolution Gaming is certainly, head and shoulders above the rest.