Casino scam - SCR888

This review will explain why SCR888 Casino is an untrustworthy online gambling platform that all players should stay away from.

SCR888 Casino

According to its website, SCR888 Casino is an online casino gambling web platform that is based in Malaysia that began its operations in the year of 2008. They claim to be the largest online slot game provider in Malaysia and one of the pioneers in the Malaysian online casino industry. The games they have to offer range from movie theme slots, casino slots, classic slots, race betting slots and more. In 2015, they released their first mobile slot game application which is supported on both Android and iOS smartphone devices. SCR888 Malaysia has also made claims that they value the quality of experience their players receive when at the site, by implementing a system whereby they work at developing an interpersonal relationship with their customers that is based on mutual trust and respect.

Their website claims that SCR888 Casino has the highest winning odds for most of the slot games and that they have a generous winning payout structure. They also claim to be authorized by the Malaysian Online Casino Association, with a risk free online betting that provides a highly secure and safe online gambling platform that protects their casino players from any potential risks. Their website also states that they have a tendency of changing their policies from time to time. They also further state that they have a reliable and solid customer support service to address their players needs, as well as reliably fast and secure payouts.

Is SCR888 Casino Legit?

This review has discovered that SCR888 Casino is in fact, an unregulated casino that is not trustworthy, unreliable and has been known for taking advantage of abusing regulations. Players are warned to avoid any casino that is not licensed or regulated as their operating team could be anonymous, which may result in them disappearing at any given time.

Are Funds Safe with SCR888 Casino?

Gambling money should be considered to not be safe on this blacklisted online casino, due to the shortage of information about this website and SCR888 Casino being unregulated. One of the major problems with unregulated casinos is the security of gambling funds, especially those that withhold crucial information from their players.

There is also the risk of SCR888 Casino going bankrupt at any given time since there is no adequate detailed banking information regarding this broker. SCR888 Casino has been reported to use algorithms that are rigged to benefit themselves. The way it works is that during the initial phase, SCR888 Casino will make sure that their players will win the first few bets to instill a false sense of comfort & positivity within them. Afterward, once the player begins playing longer, the casino will make the player lose all their money.

According to the online review website Casino Players Report, they have received a lot of complaints from players almost on a daily basis about SCR888 Casino with regards to the platform scamming the players out of their winnings. SCR888 Casino has also been reported to not reply to any of their players’ complaints. Asian players from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and many more are the usual targets for these scam casinos. These online casinos have since gone under many names, but the SCR888 name will almost always be located somewhere on their pages.

The names include,,,,,,,,,, and

Players are strongly advised to NOT play at these online casinos as they are now blacklisted.

SCR888 Casino Review – Conclusion

In a nutshell, SCR888 Casino is a blacklisted online casino platform that is unregulated and should be avoided at all costs. In order to ensure you are playing with a verified and properly regulated online casino, information about the gambling company or website and its team of operators should be easily available and accessible. If this information is lacking, that would be a huge red flag as players are oblivious to who exactly is handling their money. Hence, SCR888 Casino is considered high risk and potentially dangerous to be trifled with.

How to avoid online casino scams

Online casino scams will use personal bank deposits. It is much more advisable to deposit funds through a proper casino agent that uses a company name or other businesses. However, this does not necessarily mean that a bank from an established company will not cheat your funds. It is advisable to not be enticed by quick promotions and free credits that seem too good to be true. A lot of casino agents will promise to give a lot of promotions and free credits with recoveries that are too high. This may make it hard to recoup your winnings.

These untrustworthy agents may suddenly decide not to pay you when you win big. This may be due to the fact that they lack an adequate amount of capital and are still very new in the online casino market. Please only deal with casino agents that can be trusted and have the financial capacity to pay high payouts to the winners for a wonderful gaming experience.

How to Report Online Casino Scams in Malaysia?

There are 2 ways to file a report in regards to a scam online casino. The first way is that you can file a complaint through an online casino forum, and second is you can take legal action.

  1. File a Complaint at an Online Casino Forum
    Scammed online casino players can file a complaint at an online casino forum in the hopes of warning other players.

There’s no concrete way online casino forums can make the scam online casinos give back your money. But the next best thing you can do is submit a complaint so they can add it to their list of blacklisted online casinos in Malaysia.

There are a handful of Malaysia online casino forums where it is safe to submit your complaint. These are CASINOPUB and ASKGAMBLERS.

Submitting a Complaint on an Online Casino Forum

Please make sure to include the name of the scam online casino platform and write as detailed as possible about the story of how you were scammed. It could be for example,”a fraudulent online casino was not paying out the winnings or the online casino platform in question would not allow the player to withdraw their winnings.”

It is also very important to provide proof of how the blacklisted online casino in Malaysia scammed you. The best way to do that would be to attach a screen capture image of your transaction on WeChat or Line before submitting your complaint. After all is said and done, patiently wait for the Online Casino Forum to review your complaint and launch and investigation of their own. Once everything is verified, your complaint post will be approved and the scam online casino platform website’s name will be added on to a list of the Blacklisted Online Casinos in Malaysia. We thank you for your cooperation and advise all players who have been victims of such scams to take the effort to submit their complaints to raise more awareness in order to curb such nefarious cases from happening again as well as keep other online trusted casinos in Malaysia and all over the world more accountable to their players who are on their platform.

Overall, prevention is always better than cure. Players should make sure to choose a reliable online casino very wisely. It is advisable to not deposit so much money into an online casino which you have not yet gained a thorough understanding of as well as their trust. Once you win, please ensure that you make your withdrawal of the amount that you have deposited as soon as you are able to in order to protect your original capital that you have invested in. For additional security, players should enable screen recording from start to the end of their playing time for their protection. It is imperative to ensure that the recording has the time stated in the corner of the recorded video for tracking purposes, should the video be used to assist in any investigation.